Chasing Hadley by

Chasing Hadley


Hadley Harlyton's life has always been about three things:

1. Making sure her three younger sisters stay out of trouble.
2. Getting good grades so she can get into a decent college.
3. Drag racing.

She doesn't have time for anything else, especially guys and dating. So when her family moves to the rural town of Honeyton, and right next door to the Porterson brothers, her life gets thrown for a turn.

The Porterson brothers are all gorgeous, arrogant, and according to the rumors around town, dangerous. And they won't leave Hadley and her sister's alone. Finally, Hadley can't take it anymore and challenges Blaise, the oldest of the Porterson brothers, to a drag race. If she wins, Blaise and his brothers won't bother Hadley and her sisters anymore. If she loses, she has to spend the next month doing favors for the Porterson brothers.

But the Porterson brothers aren't what they seem. Neither is Honeyton. Everyone has secrets, and Hadley and her sisters are about to get caught up in a dangerous world.

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