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Today is turning out to be a crazy day.

I caught my friend, Masie, kissing my best friend, Blaine, who I’ve been in love with for almost forever. The worst part is Masie knew about my crush on Blaine.

To top it off, someone steals my car and leaves me a threatening note. Plus, I have the strangest feeling someone is following me.

And if the day couldn’t get any crazier, I end up seeking help from West, Blaine’s friend, who has always drove me crazy. Sure, the guy is hot, in a blonde, Gothic prince sort of way. But he’s definitely not my type.

At least I think he isn’t…

Whether I have feelings for West or not, I need his help or else my life could be in danger.

I live a double life. I have so many secrets I can barely keep track of what’s real and what’s not. One thing I know for certain, though. I've been in love with my friend, Alexis, for a while. Problem is, she’s in love with my friend, Blaine. Except now she's mad at him, and has turned to me for help. The day is turning out to be great until Alexis’s life becomes in danger.

It’s my job to protect her now. But bringing her into my world means revealing some of my darkest secrets and showing her a darker side of life. I just hope she can forgive me when I do.


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