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Discovering Benton: The Deal


Volume 2 in the Zhara, Baker Family Series.


My life used to be close to perfect, but it all fell apart the day my parents died. Now, everything is different. Except for me.

But when I decide to go to Benton's party, everything changes.

Now Benton is asking me for a huge favor that might give me a chance to find out who I really am if I accept.


I live a double life. One where I'm Benton, the high school rebel, and one where I'm Benton, the lead singer in a famous rock band.

Over the last year, my image has gone downhill and my manager and publicist want to change that. Part of changing that requires me to date a girl that'll help improve my image.

That's where Zhara comes in.

That is, if she'll agree too be my fake girlfriend.

This series follows Zhara as she decides to go on the road with a band, has adventures, and falls in love.

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