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Alana & Jax

Alana Avery’s life is anything but normal. She can communicate with the dead, talk to her dead grandfather telepathically, and the Electi are after her.

Thankfully, she has Jax. Lately, Alana feels like Jax is the only one she can trust.

But when strange things start happening at the Academy, she wonders if she can trust anyone.

Dash & Sway

For twelve years, Sway has been haunted by the dead. Every few days, a ghost appears into her life, disoriented and unaware that they’re dead. And it’s her job to break the news to them. Once the ghost accepts they’re death, her life can go back to normal. At least for a few days.

All that changes, though, the day she meets Dash.

Please note: Starting from Enchanted (Guardian Academy Series, #3) and on, the Guardian Academy series will follow multiple characters and will be told from multiple characters' POVs.

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