Breathing Lies by

Breathing Lies


The Avertonson brothers and I have been friends for as long as I can remember. They’re also twins, but where Foster is all light, Kingsley is darkness and danger.

I’ve been in love with Foster for a while, but the night I finally get the courage to tell him how I feel is the same night I nearly drown.

I can’t remember much about what happened, but I know I’m no longer the same girl as I was before. I tasted death that night and it left me feeling dead inside, hollow. And every time I look at someone, I can tell when they’re lying.

Almost everyone is a liar. That’s what I’m realizing. Even Foster, who insists he’s the one who swam into the water to save me. But he didn’t.

I need to find out what happened to me that night. But in a town plagued by lies, strange deaths, and mysterious disappearances, knowing the truth can be dangerous.

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