Fire & Smoke by

Fire & Smoke


Everlasting beauty comes with a price…

Eighteen-year-old Alexa lives in a world overpowered by immortality and beauty. Humans are hunted by the Merciless, and their body parts are sold to the Soulless, to preserve their immortality and perfection.

Alexa has survived for years living in solitude, but during a search for food the Merciless capture her, and then mysteriously let her go.

The Greysteles find Alexa on the verge of death and take her to Steel & Bones to be healed. Half human, half machine, the Greysteles are considered unwanted by The Soulless, and the city is part of the safe grounds.

While living in the city, Alexa discovers life isn’t just about being hunted. She becomes drawn to two guys; Everett and Ollie.

But when the Merciless unexpectedly enter the city, Alexa learns The Soulless have put a bounty on her. A choice must be made. Her freedom or the lives of the people she cares about.

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