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How to Steal My Heart


I’ve been a thief for the last five years. I hate doing it, but until I turn eighteen, I don’t have a choice. Either I can be part of my foster father's heists or get kicked out on the streets.

But when my foster father decides to rob the richest family in Hollowton Grove and puts me in charge of befriending their son, Holden, to gain access to their house, I know I’m in way over my head.

Winning Holden over requires a lot of knowledge in the guy department. Knowledge I don't have.

That's where Easton comes in.

Easton has been my best friend for years and has been passed through as many homes as I have. He's also my partner in crime and has offered to teach me the rules to stealing a guy's heart.

I just hope he doesn't steal mine in the process.

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