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Meeting the Bad Boy Rebels


Two years after the death of her parents, Zhara is still haunted by the last words she said to her mother. To make up for it, she tries to remain the happy, good girl her mother always wanted her to be.

But that all changes when Benton enters her life.

Zhara knows Benton from high school and knows he gets into a lot of trouble, so for the most part, she’s kept her distance from him. But then he gives her her first kiss.

The night would’ve been magical, but when two dangerous looking guys show up, Benton starts acting tense and on edge. And even stranger, he acts as if Zhara is his girlfriend.

Turns out, Benton works for an undercover detective program, and now he wants Zhara to pretend be his fake girlfriend to help keep his cover.

Ready for a change in her life, Zhara accepts his offer and quickly gets pulled into a world full of danger. And to survive, she’ll have to trust Benton, along with his team members Jackson, Jett, Ridge, Wilder, and Xavier.

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