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Signed With a Kiss


My life used to be pretty perfect, but it all fell apart the day my parents died. Now, my family barely feels like a family anymore. Everyone has changed. Me included.

I used to be an artist. I used to be a lot of things. Now I spend most of my time pretending I’m okay when I’m not and pouring out my feelings with a can of spray paint, marking the walls around town.

The only time I feel like my old self is when I’m with my two best friends, Masie and Blaine. Although, I secretly wish Blaine and I could be more than friends.

That wish is crushed though, the day I walk in on Masie and Blaine kissing. The worst part is Masie knew about my crush and I’m left feeling so betrayed.
Somehow, I end up seeking comfort from West, Blaine’s best friend, who always drives me crazy. Sure, the guy is hot, but he’s definitely not my type. Still, he makes me feel a bit better about what happened, enough that we decide to be friends.

I just hope I’m not making a mistake.

I’m known as a troublemaker and for a good reason. I just wish Alexis would see me as more.
I've been in love with her for a while, but she’s in love with my best friend. Well, until she discovers her best friend has secretly been dating him.
I want to protect her from the pain, but I’m not sure how to.
I wish she’d just let me in.

A YA contemporary romance serial series

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