Tempting Raven by

Tempting Raven


My name is Raven, and I was just an ordinary vampire until Fate chose me as the new vampire queen. And Fate has a twisted sense of humor because it chose Rhyland Midnitegale as the king, who just happens to be my sworn enemy.

To say I'm less than thrilled about ruling with Rhyland is a complete understatement. But if I don't step up to my title, the chaos, rebellions, and murders taking over the vampire world will only continue to get worse. So I accept the position, but I secretly hope that maybe Fate will change its mind.

But apparently, being queen comes with a ton of rules that I have to follow, or the entire vampire kingdom pays the price.

That might not be my only problem, though. Danger is lurking close, and I learn that I may be cursed with more than just the title of the queen.

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