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The Illusion of Annabella


Annabella Baker has always lived a normal life with a loving family. She had dreams of going to college and becoming a dancer. But the summer before her senior year, the life she knew is ripped away from her, and she's left wondering if it ever really existed in the first place.

Six months later, Annabella is living an entirely different life. The loving family she had no longer exists, and the girl who dreamed of being a dancer can barely walk. She spends most of her time getting into trouble and living in denial over what happened. One night she takes things one step too far and is left dealing with the consequences.

After being put under house arrest, Annabella can no longer run away from her problems. With the help of her cute, sweet neighbor, Luca, she rediscovers the girl she used to be.

But everything threatens to crumble after she discovers a dark secret about her family.

The Honeyton Series follows the Baker's family and the books in the series alternate between characters.

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