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The Simplicity in Chaos


Seventeen-year-old Skylin has always lived a fairly normal life. But that changes the day her parents vanish, and she’s shipped off to live with a friend of her father’s, along with his six sons.

Skylin isn’t sure if she can survive the chaos that is the Everettson family. She doesn’t have a choice, though, unless her parents are found. And since the police seem to have no interest in finding them, she's determined to find them herself.

While she tries to make the best of the situation and befriend the Everettsons, not all of them are fans of her, especially Foster, a guy she had a crush on until he opened his mouth.

And things are about to get even worse for Sky as she discovers the Everettsons are hiding a dark, dangerous secret.

This is the contemporary romance version of my book, Enchanted Chaos.


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