The Simplicity in Ordinary

Book 2 of The Heartbreaker Society


For the last month, my life has been pretty perfect. I have great friends and the best boyfriend ever. But that changes when Queeny gives me an invite to her Halloween party, which is as weird as it sounds.

And things only get stranger when The Heartbreaker Society contacts me, requesting that I attend Queeny’s party in exchange for something I want.

And that’s just one of my problems on an ever-growing list.


Things with Ash are amazing, and while I occasionally am haunted by my past, life is pretty decent. That is until my dad shows up out of nowhere and all the painful memories of what happened come rushing back to me.

I don’t know why he’s back, but I need to find out. Just like I need to find a way to handle dealing with my emotions before I end up crumbling.

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