The Uncovering of Zhara

Book 1 in Uncovering Zhara

My life used to be close to perfect, but it all fell apart the day my parents died. Now, everything is different. Except for me.
But when I decide to go to Benton’s party, everything changes.

I know Benton from high school and know he gets into a lot of trouble, so for the most part, I’ve kept my distance from him. But when I confess to him that I wish I could change my life, it somehow leads to him giving me my first kiss and asking me for a huge favor.

Turns out, Benton is the leader singer in a popular band, and he needs me to pretend to be his girlfriend so he can improve his image. If I accept, it means I’ll be spending a lot of time with him on the road.

It seems easy enough except Benton isn’t the only person that wants me to work undercover. Someone else has contacted me and wants me to dig up dirt on Benton. And if I don’t, my family will pay for it.

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