The Royal Academy

Book 1 in The Royal Academy Series

A few days ago, I was chosen to attend the Royal Academy, a university for the wealthy, elite, and royal. The problem is, I’m none of those things.

I’m unsure why I was selected to attend there, but I accept the invitation anyway.

I definitely don’t fit in, though. On top of being the only poor girl in the entire student body, I’m also drawing attention thanks to River Everson wanting to spend time with me. He’s one of the most gorgeous, wealthiest guys in school, and he’s betrothed to another girl. And I kissed him, which wasn’t my brightest of ideas.

But guy issues aren’t my only problem. People from my old life are searching for me to settle my father’s debts, and someone at the Royal Academy is set on making me drop out.

I also soon learn that darkness and secrets lie everywhere, even in the glittering walls of royalty.

This is a coming of age mystery romance. It includes mystery, a sports romance, secret societies, fake dating, and a ton of sweet moments.

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