The Heartbreaker Society Curse

Book 1 of The Heartbreaker Society Curse Series

For the last couple of months, Ashlynn’s life has been pretty perfect. She has amazing friends and the best boyfriend. But then a secret society contacts her, and that’s when things get a little strange.

Her boyfriend starts acting odd, almost like he’s hiding a secret. Then an old book shows up on the doorstep of her mom’s store, and it looks like it might contain magic spells. That is if her and her friends can figure out how to read the pages.

It all seems harmless enough, but what Ashlynn and her friends don’t realize is an evil is about to be unleashed on the town of Fareland, and it has its eyes set on them.

The Heartbreaker Society Curse is book 1 in The Heartbreaker Society Curse Series, a YA series full of mystery, magic, and witchesl. While it’s not required, it’s recommended that you read The Opposite of Ordinary, a prequel novel, first.

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